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We are creating exciting games for social networks where you can play together with your friends and enjoy all the advantages of on-line communities. Some of our games are also available in Google Play, and we intend to release mobile versions for all new titles. Our team creates different types of games, so in the list of our games you will find casual and even hardcore titles.


Masters of War

Turn-based command and tactical game that combines features of an isometric shooter, military and economic strategy. At your disposal — a military base and a soldier. You can perform combat missions, defend your base, attack rivals and participate in clan battles.

The game is fully implemented in two modes: PvP (player vs. player) and PvE (player vs bots). In both modes, it is possible to form a cooperative team with other players or bots. The game guarantees fascinating tactical tasks and mind-blowing addiction!



Star Pirates

Multiplayer on-line game in an exciting and endless virtual world of the future where space belongs to militant pirate clans. It's an infinite world where you have to fight for your share of loot and authority! Affairs will be more than enough: build your own space fleet, constantly perform numerous missions,  pave the way in the new sector of the galaxy, rob and protect the loot. No tine not relax - because thousands of rival pirates do the same! Rob rob and rob! There is a mobile version of the game for Android-devices.




Beautiful and interesting puzzle game, a sort of match3. This game  develops the power of observation and entertains as well. Connect stars into constellations, destroy clouds and oozes. Help this cute cat with his adventure. Mobile version for Android is now available on Google Play.


Tiny Planets

Fun, bright and beautiful game in the genre of match3. More than 500 levels, a variety of tasks, spectacular animation and hilarious character makes this game a hit in your game collection! Also available as a mobile version for Android.



Cozy simulation game of the kindergarten, where you have to take care of young kids: feed them, bathe, entertain, and so on. Children vary in temper and can be very moody, so the position of "educator" is not too easy to master! In addition, you need to improve your kindergarten, buy furniture, decoration, and sometimes fight with a terrible Boogeyman, who comes to frighten children!


Cake Story

This game is dedicated to all the sweet tooth! Collect delicious cakes, muffins and cookies, matching them three in a row. Plunge into the froth of whipped cream, chocolate crumble and fight with raspberry jelly! Unlock new recipes of amazing desserts and share with friends.

Tasty and beautiful game prepared especially for you!


Knight Story

A long time ago, when there were terrible dragons and beautiful princesses, when heroes were desperate brave and adventures were amazing. At that time computer games were inspiring and pixelated graphics... Then began the story which was teleported by powerful magic to nowadays!

Gone to a campaign through the harsh land and the flowering Kingdom! Match stones of 3 or more in a row to help mighty Knight overcome all obstacles and become a true Hero!

Start writing your own story!



We have been working together for five years, during this time became a strong team of professionals, united by the common things we love, common goals, ambitions and dreams. We learned a lot and still want to learn more.












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